Learn to Avoid Dog Bites

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), there are 88 million pet dogs in the United States, with 45% of households owning at least one. Although the majority of these dogs coexist peacefully with humans, dog bites still present a substantial risk to public health, with more than 4.5 million people being bitten every […] April 12, 2023 READ MORE

Pit Bull Attacks Virginia Beach Teen

A Virginia Beach teen is recovering after a terrifying pit bull attack in his neighborhood. The 14-year-old was walking to pick his siblings up from a nearby bus stop when a loose dog mauled him. Thankfully, neighbors were quick to intervene. They used a pole to separate the dog from the boy before attempting to […] March 21, 2023 READ MORE

Bite History Disclosure: A Cautionary Tale

A landmark dog bite lawsuit has been filed in Los Angeles following the brutal attack of a senior citizen. The woman and her husband were savagely attacked by a pit bull recently adopted by their son. The woman suffered severe bites on both arms, leading one to be amputated up to the shoulder. The couple […] August 31, 2021 READ MORE

Mail Carriers Face Dog Bite Risks in Virginia

2020 was a challenging year for everyone. Lockdowns, quarantines, and remote work became the norm overnight. For many Americans, the onset of COVID-19 meant ordering more and more products delivered to their front doors. The unintended consequence of this trend? An increased rate of mail carriers attacked by dogs. The USPS reports that more than […] July 19, 2021 READ MORE

2019 Dog Bite Statistics Reveal Shocking Trend

New data reveals a scary trend in fatal dog bites and attacks. A nonprofit dedicated to reducing the number of dog attacks recently released information gathered on all deadly 2019 incidents. Last year, dogs were involved in 48 fatal attacks. That’s the deadliest year on record. Pit Bulls Responsible for Majority of Attacks Looking at […] July 23, 2020 READ MORE

USPS Issues Warning for Dog Owners, Begins New Mailbox Sticker Program

When you think of the most dangerous jobs in the world, postal worker probably doesn’t even cross your mind. While certainly less perilous than fighting fiery blazes as a fireman or performing thrilling stunts on Hollywood sound stages, the average mail route comes with its own fair share of risks. While our pooches may be […] June 17, 2020 READ MORE

New USPS Program Aims to Prevent Dog Bites

A new program from the United States Postal Service aims to warn their mail carriers of the presence of dogs at each residence they visit. The paw print stickers come in two shades, yellow and orange. Residences with dogs on the premises will receive orange stickers to place on their mailbox. Homes with dogs in […] June 10, 2020 READ MORE

USPS Asks Public for Help Preventing Dog Bites

We’re all seen the relationship between dogs and postal workers play out on screen. Usually played for laughs, these depictions usually involve a large, unrestrained dog chasing a postman as letters are left trailing behind the pair. While the adversarial nature of these figures can indeed be funny on screen, the reality is no laughing […] June 05, 2020 READ MORE

Tips for Dealing with a Neighbor’s Aggressive Dog

In a perfect world, our neighbor’s dogs would be friendly, docile – and properly restrained. Unfortunately, though people have a variety of views and opinions on whether dogs should – or shouldn’t – be able to roam. If you have a neighbor who lets their dangerous dog run loose, it can be terrifying to even […] May 26, 2020 READ MORE

Trained to Kill: When Fighting Dogs Attack

In 2007, an extensive investigation into the dogfighting hobby of NFL player Michael Vick brought the venture into the mainstream consciousness. While Vick has repaid his debt to society and now works to rehabilitate dogs who once fought in such rings, countless other dogfighting rings still exist. It isn’t until an animal escapes its owners […] May 14, 2020 READ MORE