Bite History Disclosure: A Cautionary Tale

A landmark dog bite lawsuit has been filed in Los Angeles following the brutal attack of a senior citizen. The woman and her husband were savagely attacked by a pit bull recently adopted by their son. The woman suffered severe bites on both arms, leading one to be amputated up to the shoulder. The couple says that the dog’s history of violence was not disclosed before adoption. They’re seeking $21 million in damages from the city of Los Angeles.

A History of Violence

The dog, known as O’Gee, was brought into the shelter back in May 2020 following a brutal, unprovoked attack on a jogger that led to severe injuries. The dog was put into quarantine and details of the incident were recorded. Just weeks later, a shelter supervisor approved the dog for adoption. He was publicized on social media and quickly adopted by the plaintiff’s son with no warning given about O’Gee’s history. 99 days later, the animal attacked the plaintiffs unprovoked.

Broken Disclosure Laws

In January 2020, California became the second state to require all shelters to give a written description of a dog’s bite history upon being adopted out. Failing to provide warnings about the dog’s predeliction for violence may indeed constitute negligence on behalf of the Los Angeles animal shelter. The plaintiffs are seeking $21 million to hold the negligent shelter responsible and to help recoup the damages sustained because of the attack. The lawsuit also sends a clear message to shelters everywhere: disclosure of violent behavior is not just necessary, it’s the law.

Attorney Richard Serpe

Virginia dog bite lawyer Richard Serpe

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