Norfolk Crash Leads to Attack

need-an-ambulance-1512594Car accidents can be emotional times. For many folks, the experience is new and overwhelming. It can be scary to collide with another vehicle, even if no one is injured and the damage done to vehicles is relatively small. But tensions can run high – particularly if road rage played a part in the cause of the accident.

That seems to be the case in one Norfolk car accident that happened last weekend. The March 18, 2017 accident on Military Highway occurred when an SUV cut off a car. The driver who was cut off honked her horn at the other vehicle. That driver then looped around to get into the lane next to the driver who honked. Eventually, the vehicles collided.

When the honking driver rolled down her window to have a conversation with the driver of the SUV, she was struck by a passenger who got out of the vehicle to hit her. The honking driver called 911 and tried to take a photo of her attacker, escalating the situation.

The driver and passenger in the SUV fled the scene before police could arrive. Police later arrested one woman for felony hit-and-run and malicious wounding. They are still searching for the second woman involved.

No driver should be afraid of talking with another motorist after a collision. Instances like this are rare, but highlight the risks of road rage. No one could have expected such a reaction from the SUV driver and passenger, but the reality is that some drivers are hot-headed. Keep your personal safety in mind even after surviving a car accident.

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