Should I Hire an Attorney for My Guardrail Accident?

If you were hurt or someone you love died in an accident involving a guardrail, the guardrail could have malfunctioned. October 11, 2023 READ MORE

Fatal Hawaii Guardrail Accident on H-3 Highway

Tragically, one person is dead after a collision with a guardrail alongside Hawaii’s Kamehameha Highway. The single-vehicle accident occurred the morning of August 12 on Oahu. Investigators say the vehicle began drifting off the road and collided with a guardrail. Photos from the scene reveal the troubling possibility that the guardrail may have actually contributed […] August 20, 2020 READ MORE

X-Lite Guardrail Manufacturer Under Investigation

The X-Lite guardrail has made headlines for years. Its role in countless deadly accidents has led many to suspect the guardrail was negligently designed and implemented on roads and highways around the country. Now, those concerns are bolstered by news that the Department of Justice has launched its own investigation of the manufacturer of the […] February 25, 2020 READ MORE

Importance of Contacting a Guardrail Lawyer Immediately

.If you intend to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim, the smartest step you can take to protect your legal rights is to speak with a well-credentialed guardrail injury attorney. Putting off your consultation for just a few days may prove to be a costly mistake. Ultimately, valuable evidence is often time-sensitive, and one […] August 01, 2019 READ MORE

X-LITE Guardrail Linked to Dozens of Deaths and Serious Injuries

More reports are surfacing across the nation linking X-LITE guardrail end terminals to deaths and serious injuries. Lawsuits filed against Lindsay Corporation, the manufacturer of X-LITE end terminals, allege the guardrail system has an inherent design flaw that prevents it from telescoping into itself, causing the end terminals to penetrate into vehicles and impale drivers […] March 26, 2019 READ MORE

Lindsay X-LITE Guardrail Injury Lawsuits: What You Need to Know

Guardrails are intended to reduce the risk of injury and death by absorbing the force of impact and preventing vehicles from leaving the roadway. But when a guardrail has a defective design or another dangerous flaw, it can actually do more harm than good. Over recent months, several lawsuits have been filed against Lindsay Corporation […] March 20, 2019 READ MORE

Virginia Developing Plan to Remove Guardrails

The Virginia Department of Transportation is following suit with several other states in looking to remove Trinity’s ET-Plus guardrails. Virginia and more than thirty other states have begun taking action to remove or ban the guardrails amidst concerns that the rails have caused fatal injuries in several car accidents. Notably, the Federal Highway Administration has […] November 10, 2014 READ MORE

27 States Suspend Use of Malfunctioning Highway Guardrail

Texas, Kentucky, Kansas and Georgia are just four of the latest states to join Virginia in banning the installation of a controversial highway guardrail. has reported that over thirty states have announced they will no longer install the ET-Plus guardrail, a Trinity Industries product. In a proactive move, Virginia is planning to remove the […] November 03, 2014 READ MORE