27 States Suspend Use of Malfunctioning Highway Guardrail

Trinity Guardrail Lawsuit LawyersTexas, Kentucky, Kansas and Georgia are just four of the latest states to join Virginia in banning the installation of a controversial highway guardrail. ABCnews.com has reported that over thirty states have announced they will no longer install the ET-Plus guardrail, a Trinity Industries product. In a proactive move, Virginia is planning to remove the guardrails from its roads, but say they will reconsider if Trinity Industries proves their materials are safe for drivers.

The malfunctioning guardrail is the subject of much controversy, as Trinity Industries was recently found guilty of defrauding the government and fined $175 million. The problem lies in a product redesign that occurred nearly ten years ago. Trinity Industries shortened a critical piece of the guardrail by just one inch, saving them approximately $2 per guardrail head. Improvements upon older models are normally a good thing. This redesign, though, is likely the cause of a dangerous malfunction.

Highway guardrail heads should cushion the impact of crashing cars and accordion backward, safely slowing vehicles. The ET-Plus has instead reportedly sliced right through the cabins of cars and trucks, amputating passengers’ limbs and fatally injuring them.

Trinity Industries has through the end of October to prove to the National Highway Administration that their guardrails heads are safe enough for country’s roads. The results of their crash tests will ultimately make or break their brand’s reputation. If indeed this has all been a cover up of the dangerous changes made in 2005, Trinity will have to answer to their critics.

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