X-Lite Guardrail Manufacturer Under Investigation

The X-Lite guardrail has made headlines for years. Its role in countless deadly accidents has led many to suspect the guardrail was negligently designed and implemented on roads and highways around the country. Now, those concerns are bolstered by news that the Department of Justice has launched its own investigation of the manufacturer of the X-Lite. Lindsay Transportation Solutions recently admitted they were under investigation in a report to their shareholders. While neither the company nor the DOJ had any comment on the investigation, mentions of the False Claim Act implies that someone has accused Lindsay of defrauding the federal government.

False Claims and Guardrails

We don’t know who is alleging the fraud or any details relating to the investigation. We do, however, know of several families and safety advocates who have worked tirelessly to get the X-Lite off the roads. They have spread the word about the X-Lite’s dangerous design for years, urging leaders to remove the guardrail from highways and take action against the manufacturers. One grieving father even traveled to Washington, DC to meet with the Federal Highway Administration about his concerns. The agency said the X-Lite met their safety and crash test standards at the time, but new standards have recently been implemented.

An End to the X-Lite

No new X-Lite guardrails have been installed on American roads since new crash test standards were put into place in 2018. Because the X-Lite was not designed to meet these new standards, new ones cannot be installed. X-Lites installed before the 2018 standards remain in place, though. Depending on the outcome of the DOJ investigation, X-Lite guardrails could be removed altogether.

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