Fatal Hawaii Guardrail Accident on H-3 Highway

Guardrail accident lawyerTragically, one person is dead after a collision with a guardrail alongside Hawaii’s Kamehameha Highway. The single-vehicle accident occurred the morning of August 12 on Oahu. Investigators say the vehicle began drifting off the road and collided with a guardrail. Photos from the scene reveal the troubling possibility that the guardrail may have actually contributed rather than prevented the deadly accident.

When Guardrails Fail

Guardrails are designed to absorb some of the energy of colliding vehicles. When working properly, they should collapse under the weight of any cars that slam into them. Unfortunately, not all guardrails respond as intended. Some models have been known to stay rigid in accidents, spiking vehicles instead of folding up like an accordion underneath the cars. Without the full accident report of this incident, it’s hard to say whether or not the guardrail involved malfunctioned. As more details are revealed, though, the victim’s family may discover that the guardrail failed at the worst moment possible.

Defective and Malfunctioning Guardrails

While we’d like to believe that the guardrails on our roads and highways will keep up safe during accidents, a number of models have actually come under fire for their failing designs. The Lindsay Corporation, responsible for the controversial X-LITE guardrail design, has been under investigation of the federal government for violations of the False Claims Act. Since the design has been linked to a number of fatal accidents and malfunctions, it should come as no surprise that they’re facing increased scrutiny.

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