How common are brain injuries in the United States?

Brain injuries are more common than most people realize. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that such injuries contribute to 30 percent of all injury deaths. Each day, more than 150 people die from injuries that include traumatic brain injury.

Anyone who takes a blow to the head in a car accident, in a slip, a trip, or a fall accident can sustain serious brain injuries. While perhaps most commonly associated with sports injuries, traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can happen to virtually anyone involved in an accident.Adults over the age of 75 are the most likely victims of brain injuries, with falls to blame for a majority of brain injury related fatalities. Tragically, assault and intentional self-harm also contribute to the numbers of brain injury fatalities each year.

Adults are not the only victims of brain injuries: infant brain damage is also possible. Babies who survive difficult deliveries often suffer brain damage from incorrect usage of birthing tools like forceps and vacuum extractors. Medical malpractice is often to blame for such injuries.

According to the Brain Injury Association of America (BIA), approximately 1.4 million people sustain a brain injury.

Of that 1.4 million:

  • 50,000 die
  • 235,000 are hospitalized
  • 1.1 million are treated and released

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