Infant Rock N Play Death Toll Reaches 92

19 additional infant fatalities have now been linked back to the Fischer-Price Rock N Play sleeper device. This means the death toll associated with the product now tops 92. The figure is up from the initial 73 deaths previously linked to the infant sleeper.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission and lawmakers have called for a ban on all similarly designed products. While Amazon and other major retailers have pulled many such products from their shelves and websites, some models remain on the market.

Raising Awareness

Many families claim they had no idea the Rock N Play and other inclined infant sleeper devices were dangerous until it was too late. While product recall announcements have been publicized by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, busy parents don’t always have the time to stay abreast of the news. Inclined sleepers are marketed as especially effective in getting babies to fall and stay asleep. Tragically, though, their design does nothing to prevent babies from rolling over in their sleep, restricting their airflow and causing suffocation.

The Link Between Inclined Sleepers and Sudden Unexpected Infant Death 

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, has claimed the lives of countless babies through the years. Similarly, Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome, or SUIDS, has played a role in innumerable infant deaths over time. It is only now that researchers are truly beginning to understand the link between the products parents use to care for their babies and these tragic deaths. As we learn more and more about the connection between sudden infant deaths and suffocation risks in cribs and infant sleepers, we can hopefully see a decline in the number of tragedies.

If you or someone you know has an infant at home, be sure to stop using any inclined sleeper products and contact the manufacturer for a refund.

Personal Injury & Death Lawsuits

In some cases, families may wish to pursue legal action against the companies who sell these products. While every case is different, a Virginia defective baby products lawyer can help families who have suffered because of lax safety standards. Contact our Virginia personal injury lawyers anytime at 877.544.5323.