New USPS Program Aims to Prevent Dog Bites

Virginia dog bite lawyerA new program from the United States Postal Service aims to warn their mail carriers of the presence of dogs at each residence they visit. The paw print stickers come in two shades, yellow and orange. Residences with dogs on the premises will receive orange stickers to place on their mailbox. Homes with dogs in neighboring properties will receive yellow versions.

While residents can opt-out of the program, experts say doing so could be a bad idea. The stickers could help dog owners avoid liability should an attack occur. “This isn’t a bad thing at all.  This isn’t calling you out or putting out a mark that you have a bad dog or that your dog has attacked anybody. It is just to let the carrier know,” Post Office Safety Ambassador, Shannon Devine told reporters.

Knowledge is Power

Alerting mail carriers, delivery drivers, and other guests stopping by your house that there is a dog nearby is always a good idea. Even if your dog isn’t the violent type, it’s worth cautioning visitors about their presence. Not everyone is a dog lover, and some people may need to be on guard around even the friendliest of pups. Just being aware of a dog’s presence can help minimize the risk of attack.

The Dangers Faced by Mail Carriers

Delivery drivers and mail carriers face a number of dangers on their daily routes, but none as consistently risky as dogs. Even the most docile of dog can feel threatened when a stranger stops by to drop off a package. Given how much risk is involved in their daily duties, mail carriers need every resource they can to help guard against attacks.

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