Facial Scars: The Lingering Impact of Dog Attacks on Children

While we typically think of a dog attack as a one-off incident that’s over within a few moments, the injuries sustained by victims are rarely healed overnight. Some victims require stitches and life-saving surgeries. Children are especially prone to facial injuries when attacked by dogs. Little ones often stand at eye-level with canines, putting their delicate features at risk when dogs bite. Too often, child dog bite victims sustain permanent scarring and disfigurement. 

The Emotional Impact of Facial Scars

Contending with these scars is no easy feat. Victims often require years of medical appointments, surgeries and medication to heal from the physical impact of their attacks. Even after reaching maximum medical improvement, however, the impact of the disfigurement can be felt. Children, in particular, face a rough road when it comes to facial scars. Some feel ashamed about their appearance and struggle with ridicule from classmates. Even those not subjected to bullying feel their scars differentiate them from their peers. 

Plastic Surgery Solutions 

Some dog bite victims seek out plastic surgery for their facial scarring. Modern surgeons are masters at reconstructing the soft tissue around the eyes, nose and lips. Unfortunately, though, their services typically come with a hefty price tag. In many cases, child dog bite victims and their families simply can’t afford the reconstructive procedures they need. 

Even when victims can afford the expensive reconstructive surgeries offered by plastic surgeons, the road to recovery is rarely smooth. These procedures are often incredibly painful and require many months of follow-up appointments and time off of school.

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Powerful Advocacy for Dog Bite Victims

Childhood trauma is a difficult burden to bear in any form, but when the physical manifestation of the incident is displayed on one’s face, the impact can be overwhelming.

While nothing can turn back the clock to undo the damage done in an attack, a dog bite lawyer can help recover costs associated with the victim’s care. From initial emergency services to plastic surgery, no family should have to bear the financial impact of a violent attack. By holding irresponsible dog owners liable for their pets’ actions, we can bring some degree of justice to victims and their families.