Boy Injured in Roanoke Dog Attack

A five-year-old boy from Roanoke has emerged from his medically-induced coma. After multiple surgeries, the child faces a long road to recovery. The boy was hospitalized after being attacked by a friend’s pit bull. The children were playing together when the dog lashed out violently, attacking the boy’s face. The owner of the dog shot the animal before police could respond. While the injuries sustained were not life-threatening, they required several surgeries and a medically-induced coma.

Community Rallies in Support

The greater Roanoke community has risen up to support the victim and his family during this difficult time. Birthday cards were sent in droves to the family’s PO box when the boy turned five, and subsequent plans for a benefit event are in the works. Not every dog bite victim has as much community support as this boy!

Legal Options for Dog Bite Victims

No charges have been filed against the owner of the dog, but the victim’s family may still have legal recourse. A dog bite lawsuit can help them recover medical costs and cover any additional expenses associated with the attack. Many dog bite victims develop lifelong phobias of dogs and require extensive therapy to handle the psychological trauma they endured. Should the child need to undergo this kind of therapy, a dog bite settlement can help cover the costs. Pain and suffering can also be included in a settlement.

Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

Virginia dog bite lawyer Richard Serpe has 33+ years of experience helping victims of personal injuries. He has helped numerous victims across the state to get the compensation they deserve after being attacked. These clients include children, adults, mail carriers, delivery drivers, joggers, pedestrians, and others. If you’ve been attacked contact Richard Serpe for a free consultation.