Defectively Manufactured Products

Defective Products Lawyer - Richard SerpeWe've all heard of lemons and duds, products that just can’t seem to work correctly. Many times people just get rid of them, hoping that the next one they purchase will work. But what happens when the defect your product has makes it dangerous? What happens when some flaw in the manufacturing process causes you to injure yourself or someone else? What can you do?

Defectively manufactured products are flawed because of some error in the process of making them. Most of the time, the defect occurs in only a few products in the whole line, but occasionally all the products may be defective.

Holding the Manufacturer Liable for Your Injuries

Even if the manufacturer was extremely careful in the manufacturing process, they can still be held responsible for the defect. This is sometimes referred to as liability without fault. It’s the idea that’s used in strict liability suits, which do not require the plaintiff to prove that the manufacturer was negligent, only that the product was defective. It is argued that the courts do this to encourage manufacturers to make a greater investment in product safety. Defects caused by the manufacturing process are inevitable, but with appropriate and responsible safety measures their occurrence can be significantly reduced.

In cases involving defectively manufactured products, the plaintiff bears the responsibility of proving that the product had a fault or defect. This can often be difficult to do, especially if the product has been destroyed.

Finding the Best Lawyer to Help You

Defectively manufactured products can cause many headaches for those injured by them and trying to pick up the pieces. The legal process can be confusing, full of deadlines and legal jargon, and you need help sorting everything out and building a strong case.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you find yourself in a situation involving a defectively manufactured product.