Fisher-Price Rock N Play Developed with No Research, Testing

Consumers expect government agencies and manufacturers to work together to deliver safe products for their families. All too often, though, the safety of a device or product is left for the market to decide. One recent example? Fisher-Price’s Rock N Play, a sleeper device that was recalled after 30 infants reportedly died while using the product. Now, investigations reveal that the Rock N Play was created using the advice of a single physician, and was never tested for safety.

The Rock N Play is designed to lull babies to sleep at an incline. While the product certainly does this successfully, it fails to keep babies safe as they sleep. Doctors and researchers have long recommended lying babies flat on their backs in bassinets when sleeping. Pillows, blankets, soft toys, and even inclines can cause a baby to roll over on their stomach or side and suffocate.

In spite of this research, product designers at Fisher-Price created the Rock N Play with an incline in place. Though a doctor was consulted on the design of the Rock N Play, no tests were carried out to determine the safety and practicality of the new device. Most pediatricians only learned about the sleeper after it was on the market.

As you shop for products to use in your home, consider that the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, does not give its blessing to every device on the market. Instead, government agencies rely on manufacturers to make safe choices for consumers. This tenuous relationship between Fisher-Price, families, and the government has led to disaster — and experts anticipate even more deaths could come from the dangerous products the company has released.

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