Study Links Golf Cart Crashes with TBI

When you think of dangerous vehicles, your mind probably goes to motorcycles, four-wheelers, and big rigs. In most people’s minds, the humble golf cart barely registers as a vehicle, let alone a dangerous one. Unfortunately, though, golf carts can be deceptively risky to drive or ride around in. A study from the Journal of Safety Research found that the mode of transportation carries “considerable risk of injury and morbidity,” particularly for children and older adults.

A Lack of Safety Features

Unlike most vehicles, golf carts lack seat belts, airbags, doors, mirrors, and lights. There’s little to protect passengers should the cart overturn. And overturn they do – rollover accidents happen all the time. People often sustain lacerations, head wounds, and serious brain injuries in such incidents. From 2000 to 2017, an estimated 156,040 people required emergency room treatment following golf cart accidents.

Golf Cart Accident Liability

Golf cart accidents happen for a wide range of reasons. Poorly maintained equipment, negligent golf course designs, and defects in construction are just a handful of the most common causes of golf cart crashes. Manufacturing issues are also a problem. Club Car, a major manufacturer of golf carts, has recalled more than 11,000 units for defects since 2015.

When someone else’s negligence is to blame for such an incident, victims may opt to file a personal injury lawsuit. While taking legal action can’t turn back the clock and undo the damage done, filing a lawsuit can help victims recover financially. Medical bills, ongoing therapies, and time off work to recuperate can all be factored into a golf cart accident claim.

Do You Have a Golf Cart Injury Lawsuit?

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