Chinese Drywall Lawsuit Settled After 10 Year Fight

A decade of legal battles is drawing to a close as Chinese companies Taishan Gypsum Co. Ltd. and Bejing New Building Materials enter mediation to settle lawsuits against them. More than 175 people have sued the companies in federal court in Norfolk, claiming that the materials used in their drywall caused them to become sick. The chemical allegedly used in their drywall, hydrogen sulfide, destroyed electrical wires and made homeowners ill. Some of the drywall came from a store in Norfolk, Venture Supply.

These 175 victims may be the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of families live in homes with Chinese drywall in place, breathing in the toxic fumes of hydrogen sulfide. This colorless, invisible gas can cause nosebleeds and general health problems, though the severity is usually mitigated by the horrible smell hydrogen sulfide emits. The stench is allegedly so strong that resident homes become unlivable.

Upwards of three thousand families have complained about Chinese drywall issues nationwide, so while this particular set of lawsuits is wrapping up, it’s far from over for the companies responsible. It’s not just the makers of the drywall in question who are liable, either – construction companies, real estate companies and building suppliers are also being held responsible for these hazardous materials.