Making Eastern Shore's Route 13 Safer

autoaccMore than 1,500 Crashes, 23 Fatal in Last 4 Years

A new study from the Virginia Department of Transportation hopes to identify and propose solutions to the dangerous portions of Route 13. The road, located throughout the Eastern Shore of the Commonwealth, has seen more than 1500 fatal crashes in the last four years. VDOT is spending $250,000 to study this corridor and troubleshoot the issues. Researchers have identified 25 “hotspots” along the road where the majority of the fatal crashes occur. Each site will undergo analysis to determine why they are so dangerous for drivers.

Seeking Input from the Local Community

Studying data isn’t the only way researchers hope to learn about hazards along Route 13. They’ve reached out to the public, encouraging locals to comment on their safety concerns about the road. Data is helpful, an engineer recently said at a public information meeting held at the Eastern Shore Community College, but anecdotes from real drivers can help fill in the blanks. Working together as a community is the only way to get a full picture of this road and the dangers associated with it. Comments should be submitted to VDOT by December 17.

Once the study is complete in March 2016, VDOT will work to implement suggestions made by researchers and community members. Their ultimate goal is to reduce fatal crashes over the next two decades. This long-reaching objective will stay a priority for the agency for many years to come.

Route 13 is deceptively dangerous, with its long, winding roads that can be frequented by both locals and tourists passing through. Keep this in mind as you and your family travel through during this holiday season.

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