Four ways to tame your road rage

We’ve all been there.

You’re driving down the road, cruising along happily, when an aggressive driver starts tailgating you. You try to increase your speed to accommodate the impatient person behind you, but you’re already at the speed limit. The pressure they’re putting on you is stressful, and your good mood is gone. How do you react?

Road rage happens to us all at one point or another. But it’s our choices – how we respond to other drivers who make us upset – that really makes a difference. Check out these tips to avoid rising to the level of other aggressive, rude drivers.

1. Dehumanize vehicles.

Too often, we see cars as extensions of their drivers – and to some degree, they are. It’s easy to conjure up a story about what a jerk that guy in the sports car must be, or how distracted and poor a driver that mom behind the wheel of a minivan probably is. But by creating these narratives in our heads, we give other drivers too much importance over our thoughts. Instead, try to see other cars as just that: objects you need to navigate around carefully, so you can stay safe.

2. Let it go.

In the words of the now iconic Disney song, most things just are not worth getting upset over. It’s understandable and natural to get annoyed by other drivers’ mistakes or faux pas, but a simple shake of the head will do. There’s no need to use rude hand gestures or give people dirty looks. Those things might feel satisfying in the moment, but they don’t actually solve your problem. If anything, they make you more upset, driving up your adrenaline and heightening the conflict. Instead, just let it go. You’ve got better things to worry about!

3. Wave.

Passing along kindness is something we should all strive to do in our daily lives. One of the smallest acts of kindness we can perform is letting people in when they try to pull into traffic. Pausing a moment and giving someone a wave can relieve their stress and maybe some of yours, too. The roads would be a safer, kinder place if we all took a more laid-back approach to driving!

4. Chill out before driving.

A stressful day at work can put you on edge at the wheel and make your commute home miserable. Instead of bolting out of the parking lot and into the evening battle with traffic, take a moment to de-stress. Listen to your favorite song or try some breathing exercises to help take the pressure off.

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