Danger Zones: 5 Ways to Stay Safe on the School Bus


Buying new clothes. Shopping for school supplies. Packing lunches. Meeting teachers. There are so many traditions this time of year – but there’s one we should consider adding.

Start a new tradition with your kids this fall: reviewing school bus safety tips. Just as students need review of what they learned in the classroom last year, they also need a refresher course on how to stay safe while waiting, riding and exiting their school bus. Here are five tips to mention:

1. Find your bus stop buddy. 

Some school buses – particularly after daylight savings time ends – arrive before the sun rises. You would never dream of sending a child to stand on a corner in the dark by themselves, but that’s exactly what happens each school day for countless kids across the country. Instead, students should plan to arrive at the same time as their friends and classmates. There is safety in numbers, whether you’re concerned about predators, car accidents or even just slips and falls.

2. Stand safe. 

Once at the bus stop, students should stay off the street and avoid horseplay. This can be tough to enforce at the middle or high school age, when adults are less likely to be present. Encourage your tween or teen to remember the reason for rules like this: to avoid being struck by a car.

3. Look both ways as you board and exit the bus. 

Starting and ending the school day can be exciting for kids. In the mornings, they spot the bus and bound out into the street, ready to board.  In the afternoons, they practically leap off the bus, eager to get home. Many deadly accidents have occurred because of this excitement – students simply forget that other vehicles are around. Though cars are required to stop when a school bus is boarding or unloading, impatient drivers have been known to cut around the bus. Students should be reminded to look both ways as they board or exit the bus.

4. Kids aren’t usually to blame. ​

All the safety tips in the world can’t change this simple fact. Negligent bus drivers and other vehicles on the road are frequently the cause of busaccidents. Even a child practicing perfect bus safety can become a victim because of someone else’s negligence.

5. If your child is hurt, contact a lawyer. 

No matter how serious an injury, if your child is hurt in a school bus accident, you need to call a trusted attorney. Having an ally looking out for your child’s best interests will be invaluable should a legal battle erupt.

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