Speeding Tops List of Truck Driver Violations

Virginia truck accident lawyer - personal injury lawyerA list of the most common traffic violations made by professional truck drivers was released this month, as part of the annual Operation Safe Driver Week. The top five violations were:

  1. State, local moving violations. These kinds of violations are specific to the locations where the driver got ticketed. For example, driving in a carpool lane illegally – the definition of carpool lane can vary even within the same state. Some carpool lanes require two people per vehicle, while others require three or more. For long-distance professional drivers, it can be difficult to keep up with the changing rules of the road.
  2. Speeding. Speeding tickets accounted for 20% of all traffic infractions. With pressure on drivers to reach their destination by a certain time, truck drivers often find themselves traveling faster than is legal.
  3. Failure to obey traffic control device. This one is much less confusing than it sounds. A traffic control device, nine times out of ten, simply refers to a sign. So if a truck driver blows a red light or rolls through a stop sign, they are ticketed for failing to obey a traffic control device.
  4. Failing to use a seat belt. Just like non-professional drivers, truckers are required to wear a seat belt when their vehicles are in motion.
  5. Using a handheld phone. Truck drivers are required to use bluetooth, hands-free headsets should they need to make phone calls on the road. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen – as evidenced by the large volume of tickets written for using handheld phones at the wheel.

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