April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

young%20driver%20on%20cell%20phone_123rf_smallFlowers are in bloom, temperatures are warming up and the sun is setting a little later each day. The beginning of spring also brings April’s Distracted Driving Awareness month. Created by the National Safety Council, the annual event reminds us all about the dangers associated with driving while distracted. Though we’ve all heard the warnings about distracted driving, many of us disregard the advice and assure ourselves that an accident could never happen to us.

The reality is that 26% of all car accidents involve cell phone use of some kind – be it talking, texting, changing the GPS directions or texting on a smartphone. When you factor in the statistic that 9% of drivers are talking on a phone at any given moment, and that car accidents are the number one cause of unintentional deaths in the United States, it’s more than enough to give you pause. Even hands free options like bluetooth devices aren’t enough to prevent accidents. Indeed, the brain simply cannot adequately pay attention to the road when it is trying to process sentences spoken by someone on the phone.

This April – and every month – keep these figures in mind. If you need to take a call, consider pulling into a parking lot or over to the side of the road. Adjust your radio and GPS before putting your car in drive, and finish any snacks or meals before you hit the road. Distracted driving is a risk you do not have to take, so why chance it?

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