Research Seeks to Shed Light on Students with TBI

Two new studies could help reveal the full impact of traumatic brain injuries in children and teens. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control announced two new cooperative agreements with researchers studying return to school programs for students with TBI. The first awardee seeks to better understand how students with TBI perform academically when compared with students who have not suffered brain injuries. The second awardee hopes to study the impact TBI has on the health, academic and social behaviors of students. Both studies could help parents, educators, and physicians better treat and care for children with brain injuries.

Brain Injury Best Practices

When a child sustains a brain injury, there isn’t always a clear path forward. Brain injury patients of all ages can struggle to find treatment and ongoing care that’s both effective and appropriate. Why? Doctors and researchers know a lot about the brain, but there is surprisingly little long-term research on the impact of head and brain injuries. The information that does exist often pertains to adults suffering from TBI, not kids. When it comes time to transition a child or teen TBI victim back to school after their accident, the results can vary dramatically.

More Research is Needed

While these two awardees will no doubt shed valuable light onto this challenging issue, more research is still needed. Until scientists fully understand the impact that TBI has on a person’s actions, thought patterns and behaviors, children sufferers will continue to struggle academically and socially. We can only hope that this latest insight will reveal a clearer path to success for teens and kids with TBI.

Virginia Brain Injury Lawyers

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