Free Guardrail Injury Book


We Strongly Suggest Reading This Book BEFORE Hiring a Lawyer or Speaking with the Insurance Company

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a guardrail accident in Virginia, we strongly suggest that you read our book before hiring a lawyer or speaking with the insurance company. Insurance companies have vast resources to prevent you from receiving a maximum settlement, and this book provides the tools you need to stay informed and protect yourself.

Our Virginia accident attorneys have written this free book to educate individuals and their family members about their legal rights if they are injured in a Virginia guardrail accident.

Valuable Information You Will Find In This Free Book Includes:

  • How These Dangerous Guardrails Got Onto Our Roads
  • The Patent & Whistleblower Jury Verdict Against Trinity Industries
  • Overview of Products Liability Law Applied to Guardrail Accident Victims
  • and much more.

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