Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Car Accident?

Virginia Car Accident Lawyer Richard J. Serpe

Car accidents rattle us both physically and mentally. After a scary collision, you’re likely worrying about seeking treatment for injuries or about the damage done to your car and how you’ll get it fixed. A good personal injury attorney can help soothe your mind and pick up the pieces after an accident. The stress and chaos doesn’t end once you leave the scene of an accident.

Deciding to hire a personal injury lawyer doesn’t need to be a stressful decision. If you’re too tired or confused to deal with the insurance company, police or the other driver, call a personal injury attorney. They’ll ensure that you follow the right procedures to get you what you deserve.

Another common problem a personal injury attorney can help with? Insurance companies. They will often avoid paying medical expenses at all costs. If you’re having trouble getting your healthcare covered, reach out to a lawyer. Their experience with these kinds of claims will go far when it comes to handling the insurance company. In fact, in addition to medical costs, a good attorney can often help ensure you’re compensated for future medical bills related to your injury, and general damages, including mental suffering and pain.

Statute of Limitations, Deadlines for Filing a Claim

You only have a short period of time to file a claim protecting your rights. Amidst all the confusion and chaos associated with a car accident, it’s easy to lose sight of deadlines. Though the statute of limitations varies from state to state, you’ll want an attorney to handle your claim as quickly as possible. Overtime, witnesses and crucial evidence is lost. In Virginia, the statute of limitations for a car accident claim is usually two years. Under certain circumstances, that deadline may vary. You should speak with a personal injury attorney to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines. If you miss an important deadline, such as your statute of limitations, you may not ever be able to recover compensation for your injuries.

The sooner you hire a personal injury attorney, the sooner you can begin the healing process and put the accident behind you.

Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers

Virginia personal injury attorney Richard Serpe represents victims and their families who have suffered serious injury due to someone else’s negligence. We offer a no fee promise which means you don’t owe us any legal fees unless we settle or win your case. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, contact us to discuss your rights.