What types of injuries commonly occur while on a cruise ship?

Though often seen as a floating playground for kids and adults alike, cruise ships are inherently dangerous. Anyone on board these vessels risks injuries and illness simply because of the nature of the industry. When handling thousands of passengers at a time, cruise ship employees are bound to get careless.

Food poisoning is perhaps the most notorious health risk associated with cruise ships. Because of the insular nature of the cruise ship ecosystem, disease is quick to spread and hard to prevent. The most common cause of food poisoning on cruise ships is the norovirus, a stomach virus that spreads via contaminated food or water. Highly contagious, a norovirus outbreak can also be spread through physical contact with people and surfaces.

Slips and falls are also common on cruise ships. Given how much alcohol is consumed on wet, slick surfaces near pools and hot tubs, it is no wonder so many cruise ship passengers find themselves injured in a slip and fall accident. While accidents can happen anywhere, when a cruise ship employees knows of a potential hazard and fails to warn passengers, the company can be held liable for the damage done.

Personal Injury Lawyer Richard Serpe

Injuries caused by slips and falls, food poisoning, outbreaks of viruses, fires, and assaults can, and often do, occur while on board a cruise ship. Richard Serpe has handled many personal injury cases and specifically personal injury/maritime cases. His experience in litigating these types of claims makes him the choice should you need a lawyer to help you wade through the facts surrounding the injury and to help you make a decision on if and how to proceed. You can contact him by completing the inquiry form on this website.

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