Virginia Truck Accidents: Brake and Tire Failure

Personal Injury Caused by Brake Failure

We've all seen big trucks and tractor-trailers on the highway, and we all know that these enormous vehicles sometimes crash with devastating and even fatal results. According to the Department of Transportation, just under a third of all big truck crashes involve brake failure.

The DOT claims that these events can be chalked up to general brake failure, out-of-adjustment brakes, and other break-related issues. While brake failure may seem like a simple accident that nobody can foresee, the truth is, trucking companies and truck drivers are perfectly capable of maintaining their vehicles’ brakes in order to reduce the chance of an accident.

Federal Regulations

The federal government enforces regulations regarding brake upkeep and brake standards. A big truck on the highway, for instance, must be able to decelerate to a stop from 20MPH depending on the size of the vehicle; be able to handle a certain amount of braking force; and meet the automatic brake adjustment system requirements.

Safety Standards

Truckers and truck companies, in other words, have to meet certain safety standards before they can do business. If you've been injured by a truck driver through no fault of your own, and it turns out that the trucker or the company did not properly maintain the brakes of the vehicle, then you may have a case against the individual or the business.

Personal Injury Caused by Tire Failure

The same is true of tires. Because of the extensive wear-and-tear of the trucking industry, trucks are required to maintain their tires above a certain level. Damaged or worn-down tires can easily cause accidents. If a trucking company has failed to maintain the tires on its vehicles, and an accident results in which a motorist is injured, the motorist has a strong case for a personal injury claim.

Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer

As an experienced truck accident attorney, I know how awful truck accidents can be; I also know how trucking companies will attempt to get out of paying injured motorists the compensation to which they are entitled. If you've been injured because a trucker or a trucking fleet kept its vehicles in a state of disrepair, you deserve redress—and a personal injury attorney can help you in recovering your damages.