Light Rail Accidents and Injuries

Norfolk Light Rail Accidents

With the addition of Hampton Roads' new light rail system, The Tide, it is likely that car accidents, pedestrian injuries, and bicycle crashes in Norfolk will increase. A combination of light rail trains, cars, tractor-trailers, pedestrians, bicycles, and busy streets has the potential to cause collisions and serious injury.
If fact, several accidents have already occurred during the testing phase of Norfolk's new light rail system. Incidents such as a cyclist hitting a stopped train, a vehicle hit and run involving a train, and more recently we've seen a collision between a car and light rail train.

The Tide will not only be the first light rail in the Hampton Road’s area, but will also be the first light rail system in the state of Virginia. This may be the first time most Virginians will be exposed to this type of transportation system. If you haven't noticed already, there are several places where the light rail tracks cross busy intersections in downtown Norfolk. These new road conditions have the potential for being quite dangerous for drivers and pedestrians who aren't familiar to them.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in 2005, incidences involving Light Rail Transit systems in the US
  • 625 accidents
  • 268 injuries
  • 15 fatalities

With such a large volume of people that are expected to utilize the system, in combination with concentration of people in downtown Norfolk, it may be inevitable that passengers suffer injury. These types of accidents have a potential for causing serious physical injury, brain injury, or even a wrongful death.

If you have been injured in a Norfolk light rail train accident and believe it was due to someone else's negligence, contact our Norfolk Injury Lawyers for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your legal rights.

Light Rail Accidents & Injuries

While the new light rail system is convenient and a great new transportation option, it still brings new hazards to Norfolk.
  • Trains hitting pedestrians or bicyclists
  • Collisions with cars, tractor trailers, motorcycles or other trains
  • Passengers injured by closing doors or the force of sudden stops
  • Tripping or falling while boarding / exiting train during certain weather conditions
  • Tripping or falling of passengers on the tracks
  • Injury due to missing or broken handrails
  • Transit workers can be injured during repair or at construction sites
  • Injury from overheard electrical lines that have fallen

Where to Expect Light Rail Trains

Hampton Road’s new light rail system, will begin running in 2011.  The rail system will run 7.4 miles from Newton Road, along I-264W through downtown Norfolk, to the Eastern Virginia Medical Center.  There will be eleven stations throughout the route.

Tide Stations:

  • Fort Norfolk / Medical Center
  • York Street / Freemason
  • Monticello
  • MacArthur Square
  • Civic Plaza (St. Pauls Boulevard near Plume Street)
  • Harbor Park
  • Norfolk State University
  • Ballentine / Broad Creek
  • Ingleside Road
  • Military Highway
  • Newtown Road