Peloton Announces Voluntary Tread+ Treadmill Recall

Peloton is recalling their $4,300 Tread+ treadmill after weeks of resisting. The fitness company came under fire following dozens of accidents where kids and adults were pulled under the rotating track. In spite of the death of one child and many more injuries, Peloton officials insisted their product was indeed safe for use.

Now, company officials say they will agree to a voluntary recall. The company has struck a deal with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to offer customers full refunds or the option to keep the treadmill with improved safety features.

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A Dangerous Delay

Peloton initially took a tough stance on the Tread+ when it first came under fire. After the company rejected the CPSC’s request for a recall, the agency announced a public warning notice urging consumers to stop using the treadmills. The backlash from consumers was swift.

Peloton’s stock price slumped, and a private meeting with a U.S. senator showed little support for the company’s position. While most product recalls require the cooperation of the company involved, the CPSC can sue to force a particular product off the market. CPSC staff had reportedly begun working on such a lawsuit, which may have influenced Peloton’s decision to issue a voluntary recall.

Peloton Tread+ Treadmill Injuries

Two Peloton treadmills are included in the voluntary recall, the Tread and the Tread+. If you own either version, discontinue use immediately. More than 70 incidents involving adults, kids, and small pets have led to injuries. While we only know of one death attributed to the Tread+, investigations into the recalled machine are still revealing new incidents.

Dangerous Products Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been injured while using a recalled Peloton treadmill, you may want to seek legal action against the company. A product liability attorney can advise you about your options and help you determine the best course of action.

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