New Safety Standards for Baby Sleeper Products

Sleep products for babies up to five months old will be regulated in the same way cribs are, beginning in 2022. That’s the news from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which has worked for years to raise awareness about the dangers of inclined infant sleeper devices. At least 94 infant deaths have been attributed to unsafe infant sleeper products like those offered by Fisher-Price.

Closing a Deadly Loophole

inclined sleeper infant injury lawyerThese new mandatory standards aim to eliminate potentially hazardous sleep products that don’t currently meet the safety standards for infant sleep. Inclined sleepers, travel, in-bed sleepers, and compact bassinets have been linked to dozens of infant deaths. One in three American families may be impacted by the new rules. Experts have known for years the link between inclined sleeper products and increased risk of suffocation. The products are designed to ease babies to sleep, but they ignore medical advice to keep babies sleeping flat on their backs. Inclines can help soothe a baby’s reflux, but they can also cause their heads to roll too far forward or to the side, restricting their airways. In 2015, voluntary standards were approved. Even then, safety experts argued that no inclined sleeper was safe.

“Grave Flaws” in Consumer Product Safety

Executives from both Fisher-Price and Mattel were called upon by the House Oversight Committee to testify as to how the Rock ‘n Play sleeper was allowed to stay on the market despite risks. This oversight led to additional – and largely preventable – infant deaths. As the tide begins to turn against these companies, it will be up to legislators to decide how to handle the negligence and trauma they’ve inflicted on American families.

Dangerous Product Lawyers

Families whose babies have suffered because of these inclined sleepers deserve justice. Many may opt to pursue legal action in the wake of such tragedy. A  Virginia dangerous baby products lawyer can help families suffering from such losses, going to bat for them against major baby companies like Fisher-Price.

For more information on recalled sleepers, please visit: CPSC: Safe Sleep – Cribs and Infant Products Info Center