CPSC Cracks Down on Inclined Sleepers

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is stepping up its rules for products designed for infant sleep. The federal safety agency has passed a new rule that requires all such products to meet safety standards before going on the market. Infant gear including inclined sleepers, portable bassinets, and co-sleeping devices will no longer be able to be sold without first passing a safety test. The new rules apply to any product that advertises sleeping, napping, or snoozing on its packaging.

Inclined Sleeper Design Flaws

The decision to unveil new safety standards comes on the heels of multiple instances of fatal accidents involving inclined sleeper products. While parents were initially attracted to inclined sleepers as a way to combat their children’s reflux, the products have been linked with a number of suffocation incidents. Inclined sleepers can cause babies to roll to their sides and stomachs, restricting their airflow. Flat-sided sleep products like bassinets can also cause death by suffocation.

The Danger of Unregulated Products

When we see a product on a store’s shelf, we automatically assume it’s been thoroughly vetted for safety. Unfortunately, the opposite is often true; in many cases, a product’s safety isn’t reviewed until someone is hurt or killed by it. This is tragic for victims of any age but becomes even more heartbreaking when babies are involved. More than 100 babies have died in accidents involving unregulated products. The new CPSC rules may help to prevent more of these kinds of suffocation deaths.

Dangerous Product Lawyers

Families whose babies have suffered because of these inclined sleepers deserve justice. Many may opt to pursue legal action in the wake of such tragedy. A  Virginia dangerous baby products lawyer can help families suffering from such losses, going to bat for them against major baby companies like Fisher-Price.

For more information on recalled sleepers, please visit: CPSC: Safe Sleep – Cribs and Infant Products Info Center