Chevy Bolt Recalled Over Fire Risks

General Motors is recalling more than 50,000 Chevrolet Bolt vehicles after learning of a potential fire hazard linked to the car’s battery. All 2017-2019 models are being recalled until dealers can make a software fix. GM recommends that Bolt owners reset their batteries to a 90 percent charge to lessen the risk of fire. If owners are unable to do that, GM advises against parking in a garage or carport. At least five Chevrolet Bolts have caught fire thus far, causing smoke inhalation injuries in two people.

Recall Procedures

If you own a Chevrolet Bolt, check to see if your vehicle falls under the recall. To do so, simply visit the official NHTSA website and enter your VIN number. If your vehicle is under recall, call your nearest dealership as soon as possible to schedule repair. Those who have suffered injuries because of the defective car should reach out to a personal injury lawyer.

Next Steps for Victims

People injured by defective vehicles have the right to pursue compensation from the manufacturer. If you’ve suffered injuries because of your defective Chevrolet Bolt, a personal injury lawyer can help. A consultation can help clarify your damages and determine what your claim might be worth. Our firm assists injury victims with such claims. If you’ve suffered property damage because of the battery issue or you are simply concerned about your vehicle falling under this recall, reach out to your local dealership for assistance.

Dangerous & Defective Products Lawyer

Defective products are known to cause physical injury, illness, or death due to a defect in the product or improper labeling.  It can take years before anyone discovers that a product is defective or dangerous.  Most times defects are discovered after numerous people have already suffered debilitating injury or illness.

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