Assisted Living Resident Dies After Being Left for Hours in Hot Van

The family of an 83-year-old assisted living resident has filed a lawsuit against the facility responsible for leaving the woman in a hot van for more than six hours this summer. reports that the senior suffered heatstroke and had to be placed in a medically-indued coma as a result of the incident. Tragically, the woman died three days later. Now, Alabama officials are calling for the revocation of the facility’s license.

When Negligence Turns Deadly

News reports show that the victim was part of an off-site field trip on the day of the incident. Though the facility requires workers to maintain logs when residents leave and return to the facility for such trips, investigations uncovered falsified documentation of the woman seen in the building later in the day. The driver of the van reportedly checked the rearview mirror to determine if all residents had left the vehicle, but no further checks were conducted.

Legal Options for Families

Negligence in assisted living communities is unfortunately all too common. Employees are frequently overworked and underpaid, which often results in the mistreatment, neglect and outright abuse of the senior residents. Still, no amount of staffing issues can excuse this kind of tragedy. We can only hope that the assisted living facility is brought to justice. While revoking their license is a good start, the victim’s family is right to pursue legal action. No amount of compensation can undo this tragedy, but it can help offset the cost of the victim’s funeral as well as cover any medical bills incurred as a result of the negligence.

Virginia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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