Fishing Boat Attack Kills One, Injures Two

A brutal attack on the high seas is typically the fare of summer blockbusters, but for one local group of fishermen, it was a nightmare come to life.

Police say a 27-year-old crewmember of a York-County based fishing boat launched an attack on his crewmates unexpectedly. Mayday calls from one of the men onboard reported that their colleague had “gone crazy.” With a hammer in one hand and a knife in another, the man viciously attacked his co-workers without warning.  Two others were seriously injured.

Thankfully, mayday calls were responded to by a passing cruise ship. The doctor onboard declared one of the victims dead.  Two others were seriously injured. The Coast Guard arrived on site to arrest the alleged murderer for attacker for murder and the attempted murder of another man while on the high seas.

Prevention Was Possible

After the incidents on September 23rd, revelations about the accused came to light. The Newport News man, originally from Mexico had recently been arrested for domestic violence. After his arrest, authorities realized the man was in the country illegally. Though they took him into custody, the man was still able to board a fishing boat as it departed York County.

Now, investigators are working to understand how much was known about this man’s background when he was hired. With outstanding felonies and his illegal immigration status, some question the legality of him being onboard at all.

Justice for the Victims

Nothing can undo the horrific events of that day in late September. We can only hope that the man responsible for such horrific crimes is brought to justice. In the meantime, victims and their families may wish to pursue a civil case against the company responsible for hiring the attacker. Companies owe it to their employees to provide a safe place to work, and that includes conducting thorough background checks to prevent incidents like this one.

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