Crew Member Aboard Dive Boat that Caught Fire, Files Lawsuit

A dive boat named Conception, caught fire off the coast of Southern California killing 34 people over Labor Day Weekend. Today, one of five crew members who survived the ordeal is filing suit against both the owners of the boat and the scuba diving charter company for his injuries. The Cause of the Fire is […] September 25, 2019 READ MORE

Fishing Boat Attack Kills One, Injures Two

A brutal attack on the high seas is typically the fare of summer blockbusters, but for one local group of fishermen, it was a nightmare come to life. Police say a 27-year-old crewmember of a York-County based fishing boat launched an attack on his crewmates unexpectedly. Mayday calls from one of the men onboard reported […] January 08, 2019 READ MORE

Longshoreman Killed in Mooring Line Accident

One person is dead and three others are recuperating from injuries after a mooring line accident in Washington. The incident occurred when a 34-year-old longshoreman was helping shift the mooring line during cargo operations. Tragically, the line struck the man and three others. The victim succumbed to his injuries on-site, leaving behind a wife and […] July 02, 2018 READ MORE