USPS Issues Warning for Dog Owners, Begins New Mailbox Sticker Program

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When you think of the most dangerous jobs in the world, postal worker probably doesn’t even cross your mind. While certainly less perilous than fighting fiery blazes as a fireman or performing thrilling stunts on Hollywood sound stages, the average mail route comes with its own fair share of risks. While our pooches may be our own best friends, dogs are a frequent hazard of the delivery trade. In fact, the problem is so pervasive that the United States Postal Service has declared June 14-20, 2020 as National Dog Bite Awareness Week.

According to the USPS, Virginia cities with the most reported dog attacks on USPS workers in 2018 include: Richmond (17), Hampton (10), Norfolk (10), Alexandria (8), Virginia Beach (8), Arlington (7), Chesapeake (6), Roanoke (6), Charlottesville (5), with Falls Church (4), Manassas (4), and Newport News (4).

A Word of Caution for Dog Owners

The USPS is warning dog owners about their role in preventing attacks on mail carriers. While your dog might be generally friendly, even the most well-trained pup can show signs of aggression when a stranger steps into their domain. The best way to prevent an attack is to restrain dogs in a separate room and behind a closed door when a mail carrier stops by.

While you might assume your screen or glass door is enough to restrain your dog, it’s best to keep the mail carrier out of the animal’s sightline. When scared, angry, or frustrated, dogs have been known to burst through plate glass windows and doors. Prioritize the safety of your pet and your mail carrier by shutting them in a bedroom when you’re expecting a delivery.

How Stickers May Stop Attacks

The USPS is launching a new program this month that may help stop further attacks on their workers. Mail carriers will use mailbox stickers to label homes in which a dog is present. A little increased awareness of dogs along their route can do wonders in preventing additional dog bites.

Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer Richard Serpe

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