USPS Asks Public for Help Preventing Dog Bites

postal carrier dog bite lawyerWe’re all seen the relationship between dogs and postal workers play out on screen. Usually played for laughs, these depictions usually involve a large, unrestrained dog chasing a postman as letters are left trailing behind the pair. While the adversarial nature of these figures can indeed be funny on screen, the reality is no laughing matter. On virtually every street in America, postal workers are facing the reality of dangerous, unrestrained dogs.

Taking Every Precaution

Postal workers use every trick in the book to avoid coming into contact with stray dogs on their routes. Some carry pepper spray to discourage dogs from attacking. Others carry treats to distract dogs from the postal worker themselves. Even when approaching homes with friendly dogs in the yard, mail carriers have to be on guard.

How We Can Help

It’s easier than ever to track your mail carrier’s route and routine. If you have a dog, considering signing up the Informed Delivery option the post office offers. You’ll know whether or not to expect a visit from your mail carrier, giving you plenty of time to put your dog away during their usual delivery window.

Dog owners owe it to their pets and to the public at large to restrain them when expecting visitors. Should your dog bite a guest, including postal workers, you can be held financially responsible for the damage they cause. Save yourself serious stress and money by restraining your pet before your next mail delivery.

Dog Bite Lawyer Richard Serpe

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