Protect Delivery Drivers Against Dog Attacks During COVID-19

delivery driver dog attacksThe world is an uncertain place right now. As we settle in for the long haul, many of us are turning to delivery services and mail orders to fulfill our needs. From groceries to pizza to toilet paper and beyond, there’s no limit to what you can have delivered to your doorstep. Unfortunately, though, our shopping habits could be endangering the safety of the people responsible for delivering our goods.

The Dangers They Face

Mail carriers, FedEx and UPS drivers, pizza drivers, and other delivery workers routinely face hazardous conditions when performing their daily duties. Any time a delivery worker must step foot on someone’s private property, they risk being attacked by pets. It’s a hazard of the job that’s directly linked to the number of orders they must fulfill. The more deliveries they complete, the higher the chances they’ll meet a vicious dog.

Most of us don’t believe our pets could ever attack a delivery worker. We see our dogs as beloved members of the family who wouldn’t dare lash out violently. Unfortunately, even the best behaved, highly-trained pooches can become aggressive when they feel threatened. Dogs don’t see delivery drivers for what they are – they just perceive strangers entering their property as a threat.

If you’re eager to keep your furry friend out of harm’s way while protecting the safety of delivery drivers, try these tips during quarantine:

1. Keep Your Dog Restrained When Outside

If you’re taking your dog outdoors, it should be restrained and under your supervision the entire time. People with fenced yards may be tempted to leave their pup outdoors and unattended, but if a delivery driver enters unexpectedly, the dog may attack. Unattended tethering of animals is illegal in many counties, so it’s best to stay outside and keep a watchful eye on your dog if you have a fenced yard.

2. Put Fido in an Interior Room When Expecting a Package

When you know you’ve got a delivery coming your way, consider keeping your dog in an interior room of your home with the door closed. This allows you to greet the delivery driver and handle any signatures you might need to take care of without worrying about your dog getting loose. Putting your dog in a bedroom for a brief five minutes can spare everyone serious stress.

3. Remind Kids Not to Open Doors to Strangers

Your little ones may be eager to help when your doorbell rings. Unfortunately, opening the door to delivery drivers while you’re not around could do more harm than good. As your kids try to answer the door, your pets may bolt for the door and attack an unsuspecting delivery driver. Take a moment to review your family’s rules around opening the door for strangers, and always keep doors locked after you’ve come inside.

4. Ask Delivery Drivers to Leave Packages On Your Porch

Whenever possible, ask delivery drivers to simply leave packages on your porch. Rather than open the door and risk exposing your family and the delivery driver to germs, it’s easier to just grant permission for them to leave packages at your door. Once they get into their vehicle and drive away, you can grab your goods safely. This will both minimize the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the odds of a dog attack.

5. Check Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

All dog owners owe it to themselves and the delivery drivers they rely upon to have dog bite coverage in their insurance policy. You might not realize your policy already includes coverage for attacks, but it’s a good idea to review what is included before you have cause for a claim. By understanding what you’re covered for, you’ll be better prepared in case an attack occurs.

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