Spotlight on Dog Bite Prevention Week

It seems there is a new holiday every week. From National Pizza Day to National Siblings Day, there are all kinds of new celebrations to honor. One such campaign has far-reaching goals that extend well beyond social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. National Dog Bite Prevention Week, honored every April, aims to minimize the number of dog bites and attacks that occur each year.

Why Dogs Bite

We like to think of dogs as man’s best friend. Most of the time, they are kind companions to animal lovers everywhere. Unfortunately, though, pet owners sometimes forget that their furry best friends are, first and foremost, animals. Just like any other animal, dogs can act unpredictably, especially when they are feeling frightened or angry. When they lash out, they can do serious damage.

Dog Bite Victims

Too often, dog bite victims are among the most vulnerable members of our society. Children often misread warning signs that dogs give off before lashing out, and the elderly often struggle to fight off violent attacks. While kids and seniors are more likely to sustain deadly bites than other groups, almost anyone can become a victim of a dog attack. That’s why we turn to pet owners for help.




A Dog Owner’s Responsibility

The law requires dog owners to take responsibility for their pet’s actions. Leash laws, which require dog owners to harness their dogs while in public, can help minimize the risk of dog bites and attacks. This National Dog Bite Prevention Week, talk to the dog lovers in your life about their role in preventing bites and attacks.

Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer Richard Serpe

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