Mom Rescued From Dog Attack

A new mother has a stranger to thank after a scary incident in her own front yard. News reports show that the woman was standing in her yard with her newborn baby when one of the family’s six dogs began to attack. When a man passing by in his car witnessed the incident, he pulled over to help. “It looked like she had been attacked by sharks,” the man said later.

When Pets Attack

Eyewitnesses say the woman was mauled by her pet, forced to the ground while being viciously attacked. She suffered brutal bites to her arms and legs. Workers from a nearby landscaping truck attempted to intervene by throwing tools at the animal, but it did not let go until the rescuer jumped on the dog. After yelling “out!” as he would with his own pets, the man told reporters, the dog finally ended the attack. The victim fled into the house, but the rescuer continued to fend off the dog from a deputy who attempted to help. Ultimately, two of the woman’s six dogs were shot by authorities.

Not the First Time

Neighbors say this violent incident isn’t the first time the dogs have acted out. The animals have escaped their fence, attacking neighboring dogs and people attempting to break up the fight. “Animal control should’ve taken control,” after he was bitten in January, the neighbor told reporters. They say they’ve lived in fear of the dogs escaping their fence again and are not surprised that this terrifying attacked occurred.

Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

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