Golden Retriever Bite Leaves Woman Permanently Injured

An oyster roast turned dangerous when a rescue dog attacked a guest of the event. Myrtle Beach Online reports that the woman was bitten as she bent down to pet and kiss the rescued Golden Retriever. As she cuddled the dog, it leaped forward, pouncing on her face and biting her eye and forehead. The woman suffered permanent injuries and scarring of her face. She has filed a lawsuit against the company hosting the event, as well as the venue for the oyster roast and the rescue organization responsible for the dog.

All Dogs Can Bite

As this court case proceeds, it serves as a good reminder that all dogs, regardless of their breed, can be dangerous. The dog involved in this incident was a rescue. Though it’s noble to try and unite rescued pets with new owners, there is no telling what lies in the history of each rescued dog. Animal shelters and dog rescue organizations owe it to their patrons to warn them of the potential risks that come with greeting unfamiliar pets.

Justice for Dog Bite Victims

Life can change in a second. The victim in this oyster roast dog attack will bear the scars of the incident for the rest of her life. The lawsuit seeks to recover expensive medical bills and other damages associated with the attack. Thankfully, dog bite laws hold negligent owners responsible for the damage their pet does to unsuspecting victims. We send our best wishes to the victim and encourage other victims of dog attacks to seek legal representation for their own lawsuits.

Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

It’s not easy to know where to turn after a dog bite, particularly if the dog involved was a beloved pet. The first step for any victim should be the hospital, but afterward, consider consulting with a Virginia dog bite lawyer like Richard Serpe. His experience and insight can provide you with the tools you need to seek justice. Call today for a free consultation.