Airline Bans Pit Bulls After Passenger Attacks

Delta Airlines has announced it will no longer allow pit bull emotional support animals to ride alongside passengers on their planes. The decision comes after the U.S. Department of Transportation made an industry-wide recommendation to ban the breed from flying in the cabins. Instead, pit bulls will need to be boarded and flown in the cargo area in order to travel.

Emotional Support Animal Regulations

Emotional support dogs have grown in popularity over the last decade. These animals serve an important role: assisting people with both physical and mental illnesses when traveling. Unlike seeing-eye dogs, however, the emotional support animals are largely unregulated. Though there is increasing demand for nationwide rules for the training of these dogs, no such regulations exist. For every highly trained, well-behaved emotional support animal working today, there are countless others who are no more than pets.

Dog Attacks Led to Ban

Tragically, this lack of training can lead to dangerous and even life-threatening dog attacks. In May, Delta was sued after a passenger’s emotional support dog bit a man seated nearby. The victim required 28 stitches. Though the dog involved was a chocolate-lab mix, not a pit bull, the incident highlighted the need for more regulation.

Until more ESA regulation is created and enforced, companies like Delta will continue to struggle with these kinds of incidents. If you or someone you love has suffered injuries because of a violent ESA, you may be entitled to compensation. Both the owner of the dog and the company who allowed the ESA on their property can be held liable for damages you suffered in the attack.

Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

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