2 People Injured in Elizabeth City Dog Attack

An animal control officer has been hospitalized after responding to reports of a dog attack in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

News outlets say the officer was called out to search for a loose pit bull near Cedar Street and North Griffin Street.  Earlier in the day, a resident of the neighborhood was walking their own dog when the pit bull attacked. Locals say the loose dog lived in the area and had escaped from its home.

From Bad to Worse

When Animal Control arrived on the scene, the violence only escalated. The officer found one loose pit bull and attempted to capture it. The first dog was secured with an apprehension stick when the other pit bull approached and attacked. A police officer fired at the attacking dog, injuring its front leg. Both animals fled the scene as the police officer attempted first aid on the injured animal control officer. The dogs were later captured by additional support workers from area animal control.

Legal Action for Dog Bite Victims

A person familiar with the attacking dog said it had never been violent before the day in question. While that may be true, the dog’s owner will have many questions to answer about their pet’s behavior. Dog bite victims have the right to pursue compensation for their damages when the incident was the result of the owner’s negligence. While the investigation is ongoing, it’s possible that the owner of the pit bull will be charged for their role in the attack.

Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

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