SwaddleMe By Your Bed Rocker Recalled

Yet another infant sleeper device has been recalled by its manufacturer over concerns it could lead to suffocation. Summer Infant, the manufacturer of the SwaddleMe By Your Bed rocker, recently announced they are recalling the product. While no fatalities have been officially linked to the product, the manufacturer says suffocation is possible. The decision to recall the product comes on the heels of major pressure from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The CPSC requested a recall of the product and when Summer Infant refused, the agency issued a warning. This finally spurred the company to officially recall the rocker.

Why Inclined Rockers are Dangerous

The SwaddleMe By Your Bed rocker is similar in design to many recently recalled infant sleepers. Featuring a slight incline, the rocker allows babies’ heads to slump forward and limit breathing, ultimately leading to suffocation. Inclined sleepers have been trendy for years, but the increased attention to the risks associated with these designs has led to a number of product recalls. Some remain available in stores, but consumers are awakening to the hazards that inclined sleepers present.

Is Your Sleeper Part of the Recall?

If you believe your SwaddleMe By Your Bed rocker may be included in this recall, check for model number 91394 on the crossbar tube of the frame. The free-standing inclined sleep product was sold at baby retailers like Buy Buy Baby and Amazon from March 2017 to December 2019. Should you discover your sleeper is indeed part of the recall, you can contact the manufacturer for a cash refund or voucher.

Injury & Death Lawsuits

In some cases, families may wish to pursue legal action against the companies who sell these products. While every case is different, a Virginia defective baby products lawyer can help families who have suffered because of lax safety standards. Contact our injury lawyers anytime at 877.544.5323.