Infant Sleeper Recalls Continue with Graco Lounger

Parents have a lot of hopes and wishes for their little ones. Above all else, though, families just want their infants to grow up safely and healthily. Unfortunately, a number of the products and devices used in caring for infants are proving unsafe and downright dangerous. The latest in a long line of infant product recalls is the Graco Little Lounger Rocking Seat. Design to gently rock infants to sleep, the inclined chair has a hazardous design flaw: the incline can cause babies to roll to their sides or stomachs while sleeping. In turn, airflow may become restricted and babies may suffocate in the sleeper.

Details of the Recall

Approximately 11,000 units have been sold in retailers including Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, and Target. Featured online and in stores between 2013 and 2018, the Graco Little Lounger Rocking Seat features multiple seating options and a vibrating lounger. If you believe you own the Graco model, look for product numbers 1872034, 1875063, 1875102, 1877160, 1882081, 1896313, 1908957, 1914283, 2047734, and 1922809 on the leg of the sleeper. Should you find the product in your home, stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer. Graco is issuing refunds for consumers who wish to return the device.

Avoiding Sleeper Designs

Inclined sleepers are inherently flawed, as they encourage babies to roll to their sides and stomachs in their sleep. While the product design may seem initially effective, the risks associated with the Graco Little Lounger and other incline sleepers are too great to ignore. As more research comes out about the safest sleeping positions for babies, we may see more and more of these incline sleepers recalled.

Injury & Death Lawsuits

In some cases, families may wish to pursue legal action against the companies who sell these products. While every case is different, a Virginia defective baby products lawyer can help families who have suffered because of lax safety standards. Contact our injury lawyers anytime at 877.544.5323.