Ford Escape Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

Ford has issued a large recall of its 2013 Escape due to concerns of a fire hazard, the auto company announced.

The New York Times reports that the auto giant is recalling about 140,000 Escapes due to the 4-cylinder engine’s potential for catching fire; so far, thirteen fires have been reported in the vehicles. The engine may overheat, leading to cracks in the cylinder heads which can result in oil leakage and ignition. Twelve fires in the United States and one in Canada were reported.

The Ford Escape has also been subject to a number of other recalls; the vehicle experienced a problem where loose floor mats could jam the car’s accelerator pedal, for instance, and the model was also shown to have the potential for dangerous coolant leaks that, like the engine’s problems, may pose a fire risk.

There’s no excuse for a vehicle’s being put on the road when it’s in dangerous condition. Companies, especially enormous ones like Ford, need to ensure that their products are safe for consumer use. Ford is correct in issuing the recall, and they should guarantee that before the cars are released again, they are free from these dangerous hazards that may lead to injuries or death.

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