Drywall Manufacturer Demands Overruling of Court Decision

The manufacturer of a dangerous, hazardous brand of Chinese drywall has requested that a U.S. court overturn a ruling against the company, claiming the United States has no regulatory jurisdiction over the foreign business.

Taishan Gypsum Co.’s appeal comes after news of several families suing the company for $2.6 million in damages. According to the lawsuit, the drywall produced by Taishan Gypsum caused serious damage to the plaintiffs’ homes and personal appliances, and also sickened many homeowners due to its cheap, unsafe qualities. The $2.6 million lawsuit represents just several of thousands of nationwide complaints regarding the Chinese drywall.

The ruling against Taishan, which stipulates that the United States does indeed have authority over foreign-made products that cause Americans significant harm, is entirely appropriate. Businesses that sell products to Americans should be subject to the same rigorous quality and safety standards whether or not they are located in or outside the country; no further proof is needed than the fact that Taishan Gypsum’s drywall has caused serious property damage and illnesses to those who have purchased it. With any luck, the court will let the ruling stand and proceed ahead with the case.

My personal injury law firm is very familiar with these frustrating and frightening cases of Taishan’s negligence; I am involved in a class-action lawsuit regarding this dangerous drywall. There is no excuse for this type hazardous manufacturing, and Taishan should be brought to full justice for the damage it has caused to peoples’ home and health.