Chemical Spill Hospitalizes 37 in Illinois

More than two dozen people were hospitalized when a chemical spill occurred in Beach Park, Illinois. Containers of the chemical anhydrous ammonia were being towed by a tractor when a leak occurred. The colorless gas, used by farmers to fertilize their crops, sent noxious fumes into the streets of the Chicago suburb. When inhaled, anhydrous ammonia can cause unconsciousness and even death. Seven people, including a firefighter, were in critical condition because of the fumes.

Officials urged locals to stay inside, close their windows and turn off air conditioning units while they handled the spill. Several schools were closed while clean up occurred. Anyone within a mile of the spill was in danger of inhaling the toxic fumes.

The Risk of Chemical Spills

The impact of this spill will linger for far longer than it takes to clean up the chemical. Inhalation of anhydrous ammonia can cause immediate health concerns, but the effects can also be long-lasting. Some victims may develop lung conditions, experience partial blindness and even lose the ability to speak. While spills of this degree are rare, this incident highlights the risks the general public faces when these chemicals are transported through neighborhoods.

Seeking Legal Help

Anyone involved in a chemical spill like this one can benefit from consulting with a personal injury lawyer. Depending on the damages suffered, victims may be owed significant compensation from the company responsible for the spill. As investigations into the cause of this particular chemical spill continue, the fault will become more and more apparent. Whatever led to the leak, the affected victims deserve answers.

Experienced Toxic Tort Attorneys

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