Water Heater Recalled, Risk of CO Poisoning

A hot water heater has been recalled due to the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Crown Boiler Company issued a recall earlier this month of roughly 2200 of a gas-fired hot water heater, claiming that the unit’s Air Pressure Switch might fail to shut down in the event of a vent blockage; the shutdown failure can lead to the unit pumping out dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, which can lead to potentially-deadly level of CO emissions.

For more information on this recall, please visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission: Crown Boiler Recalls Home Heating Boilers Due to Carbon Monoxide Hazard.

The danger lies in the fact that carbon monoxide is undetectable by normal human inference; many people install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes that will sound an alarm if levels get too high. However, in the absence of such a detector, there is no way to know if the CO levels in one’s home are dangerously high. The Center for Disease Control claims that Americans suffer 500 carbon monoxide poisoning deaths each year, and 15,000 people require hospital treatment for the dangerous ailment.

Companies have a responsibility to ensure that their products are safe for consumer use; no product should be allowed on the market without extensive testing to ensure it poses no hazards to those who buy it.

Have you been harmed by a defective product?

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