Henrico Wrong Way Crash Injures 6

need-an-ambulance-1512594Six people are recovering after a crash in Henrico County this weekend. The January 21, 2018 accident occurred around 5:00 PM, sources report. Police say the driver of a Honda Civic was heading eastbound on I-64 when she swerved and lost control of the vehicle. The Honda crossed the center lines, striking a Toyota Camry head on. Another vehicle behind the Camry also struck the vehicle in the rear as a result of the first accident.

Six people were taken to the hospital with injuries. The driver of the Honda was charged with reckless driving.

The Danger of Head On Collisions

Few kinds of crashes are as deadly as the head on variety. The victims in this accident were lucky to escape with their lives. No information was given about the speed that the Honda was traveling at before the crash, but chances are good they were not going very fast. At high speeds especially, head on collisions can spell disaster for anyone involved.

 How Safety Features (Don’t) Come Into Play

Car safety has evolved immensely in the last few decades. Seat belts, air bags and side impact technology make driving safer than ever before. Unfortunately, however, there isn’t much in the way of protection when a person is struck head on. Because so much of the vehicle’s working parts are in the front of the car, there simply isn’t room for safety equipment. Many times, there is little between the driver and the other vehicle but the windshield itself.

Virginia Car Accident & Wrongful Death Lawyers

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