Woman Hospitalized Following Norfolk Crash

Virginia Car Accident Lawyer - Richard SerpeA collision in Norfolk has landed one woman in the hospital with serious injuries. Police say the accident occurred around 12:30 PM on the afternoon of October 4th. A 78-year-old woman driving a Ford sedan ran a stop sign on Sewell’s Point Road at the Kennebeck intersection. The sedan collided with a Jeep. Rescue workers had to cut off the roof of the Jeep in order to rescue the woman inside. Sources called her injuries “significant.”

The driver of the Ford sedan was not injured in the accident, but was ticketed for running the stop sign.

Dangers of Running Stop Signs

This kind of accident seems like a no brainer for a victim seeking compensation for their pain, suffering and medical bills. But even with police ticketing the negligent driver for running the stop sign, a good attorney will help the victim gather evidence against the at fault driver. Speaking with witnesses who might have seen the crash and taking photos of the accident scene are incredibly important. Evidence will be crucial in proving liability.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to evidence, that’s definitely the case. A photo showing that there was nothing obstructing the stop sign and that road conditions were good at the time of the collision can be the deciding factor when determining fault. If you find yourself in an accident, take photos at the scene even if you’re worried they don’t show much. Pictures of your vehicle, the other car and conditions on the scene can be truly invaluable.

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